Following the successes of 'Team spensites web design'-sponsored riders Darcy Ward (World and Australian U21 Champion), Lewis Bridger (British U21 Champion), Troy Batchelor (Australian Champion) and Kyle Hughes (4th in GB U21 Final), a conscious decision was made to revert to our original aim of helping young, aspiring talent purely on a amateur. A policy which has, in the main, been adhered to since.
With the launch of official junior leagues in the 2011 season we embarked on projects for amateur clubs and riders. Our initial project was for the Long Eaton Invaders. This was followed by sites for Coventry-Mercia Vikings and their number one rider, Dan Greenwood.
Our next project was for Pete Hibberd and Castleford Speedway, one that we are proud still to be associated with.

Ahead of the 2018 season, with Castleford again unlikely to run regularly, we are currently focusing on providing junior riders with on-line profile pages.

Three are already in place:- Connor Bailey is a young Aussie who has already landed an impressive array of titles, whilst both Elliot Kelly and Alex Goldsbrough are both based in the UK.

If you are a young rider competing in any of the three UK junior leagues and would like an on-line profile to promote yourself and your sponsors, please feel free to contact us.