Even through the dark days when the sport was lost to Teesside there was always someone keeping the dream alive.
Jason Pipe and Steve Harland in particular, accommodated by Newcastle and Hull, staged second-half 'Boro Bears' challenge fixtures at both venues and competed for one season in the Conference Shield, followed by two years in the Conference League between 2006-2008. Riders featured during that period included; Gary Beaton, Greg Blair, Mark Burrows, current Bears team manager Jitendra Duffill, Martin Emerson, Rusty Hodgson, Karl Langley, Aaron Summers and David Wallinger.
When Brian Havelock took over the club he made the decision to disband the junior team.
Since then, with the opening of Redcar, Jamie Swales was the first of the recent group to undertake the task of nurturing youngsters wishing to become stars of the future.
The launch of the Northern Junior League offered, for the first time, a structure where riders could take advantage of honing their craft in a competitive environment on a range of different circuits. Something that is obviously condusive to quicker progress.
The pinnacle of the Cubs achievements, so far, came in 2013 when they clinched the Northern Junior League title.
Amongst their squad at that time was the Bears new Promoter, Kevin Keay, who subsequently took over the role of Cubs Team Manager from Jamie Swales before handing them over to Jade Mudgeway upon undertaking his new role at the Media Prima Arena.
A mainstay of the 2013 side was local lad Danny Phillips, now an established National League heat-leader and Championship regular with Newcastle, who also accomplished individual honour by becoming the 2013 NJL 500cc Riders' Champion.

Winning titles never has never, and ever will be, the primary aim of the Cubs. Although it's always nice to put a bit of icing on the cake !
It is, though, important to instil a will-to-win mentality into lads who want to embark on a career in racing, so long as it is never 'at any cost'.
This season, under the experienced guidance of former rider Jade Mudgeway, Redcar Speedway will once again endeavour to give young hopefuls the chance to fulfill their dreams whilst also giving the paying supporters some enjoyable second-half entertainment.


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Grateful thanks to Kevin Keay and Redcar Speedway for their co-operation.